We believe that if we work together, around a shared vision for reform and innovation, we can strengthen every school, and help every child succeed.  The goal must be to have every child ready for kindergarten and enrolled in a high performing school.

Recently, we have been talking about school reform.  While it’s just one part of a much larger effort to help turn around every low performing school, strengthen what is working at more high performing schools, and expand options for students and parents, we believe CPS and CFT should pursue some common sense reforms as part of the pending CPS-CFT contract. 

There is perhaps nothing more important to a student’s success in school than a teacher, and the reforms we call for are aimed at empowering educators and strengthen the teaching profession.

Many of these reforms were part of a report delivered to CPS by The New Teacher Project (TNTP), which is a nationally recognized nonprofit education organization dedicated to helping school districts and states fulfill the promise of public education by ensuring that all students—especially those from high-need communities—get excellent teachers.

TNTP partnered with the CPS and CFT to examine human capital policies and practices in the district. They surveyed more than 1,200 teachers, principals and administrators to understand their current challenges and seek their ideas for innovative solutions. Their report provides suggestions for policy changes to the teachers’ contract that lay the groundwork for dramatic improvements. Learn More

But our vision goes beyond the CPS-CFT contract. We know what it takes to create and sustain a high performing school: great leaders, great teachers, high expectations, more time in the classroom, especially for children who are falling behind, schools that rally around a mission, parent and community involvement, and a collective obsession with results. If we can come together around reform and innovation, we can do all of these things now.

In the coming months, Stand for Kids will begin to broaden its advocacy agenda, even though the goal will remain the same: every child will be ready for kindergarten and enrolled in a high performing school.